Kate-Marie Engberg


Raised on the comedic stylings of Bob Saget in Full House and Sinbad in House Guest, Kate-Marie Engberg's comedy today reflects neither that show nor that movie. Her affinity to comedy started years ago and flourished into her love for filmmaking. 

After moving to New York to attend New York University's Tisch School of the Arts to study Film & Television production, Kate-Marie pursued combining her passion for comedy and human rights in the realm of film. Comedy led her to a few collaborations with members of an Upright Citizens Brigade group, Summer and Eve, out of which she directed comedic narrative shorts, one written by London-born writer and actor Max Baker.

With her experience living and working in Cambodia, Kate-Marie's desire to connect to other cultures and to shoot internationally grew. At the core, she strives to tell human stories that cross borders. Whether it's comedy or drama, she seeks a raw truth, honesty, and relatability in her characters. 

With the belief that we connect through our vulnerabilities, Kate-Marie finds strength in that notion through her writing and directing.