Joseph Parker

Director / Editor

From way back in the day, when Joey was just a wee little boy with a cheeky smile and a curiosity as great as they come, he loved telling stories and contemplating the universe. Often his stories would manifest themselves in long dramatic story arcs, with his action figures taking over whole rooms in his house.

Joey still keeps a few “collectable statues” around the house, but the medium for his story telling has changed. His experiences range from narrative films, to documentaries and lots of late nights at ad agencies meeting dead lines. All of these experiences have gained Joey insights into the realities and compromises that come with working in the ever evolving media industry that exists today.

These days,  Joey mostly spends his time directing and editing, because he still wants to be on the storytelling sides of production.  Who, What, Where When and of course Why. If there was one thing his super hero action figures taught him, it was that while the big loud battle scenes can get the crowd going, it's the simpler moments that make our heroes human and allow us all to believe.